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Clients of Trust Wisconsin will receive responsive service and attention to detail, giving you peace-of-mind that all of your trust related needs and desires are carefully and properly carried out.  Working with Trust Wisconsin will help you protect your legacy, not just for today, but for generations to come.

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Jeffrey L. Butler - President/Owner of Wisconsin Investment Services, LLC and Trust Relationship Manager of Trust Wisconsin
Michael F. StarshakFinancial Consultant with Wisconsin Investment Services, LLC and Trust Relationship Manager of Trust Wisconsin


Did You Know:

The common misconception is that trust accounts are only for wealthy individuals.  While many high net worth individuals do fully utilize trusts, for the most part, trust accounts are established by a very broad range of individuals.  In fact, trust accounts are established for a variety of reasons and needs that do not solely focus on estate tax considerations.  These include, but are not limited to; Controlling the transfer of an individual’s wealth over time after the death of the individual; Establishing terms and conditions of how an individual’s wealth will be used and distributed after the death of the individual; or Assuring that the individual’s wealth is passed through the individual’s “blood line” rather than through a surviving second spouse’s blood line.




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